Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pre-Game Quick Hit

Listening to Didactic and Quacktic (Sturm and Phillips) doing the Cowboy pre-game.   We've frequently heard sports-talk guys mull over whether the Cowboys' talent is overrated, but Bob is really digging into it, asking quite pointedly if the Cowboys' defense is the elite squad it is reputed to be.  He's coming around to the conclusion that it is not at the same level as the very best in the league, and that its reputation for being "elite" is a product of publicity rather than production. 

His and Rich's rapport is improving with each passing week.

This is so much better than what you get elsewhere, and even what you get in print jourmalism.  Which is why It's Great to Lis -- no, It's Inevitable to Listen to The Ticket. 


NOTE:  Schedule will make posting masterpieces difficult this week.  May dip into the archives. 

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Scott said...

After the one comment I left a few weeks back, I got nothing, hence the reason I have no blog.