Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Didactic and Quacktic

Caught pretty much all of the Cowboys pregame with Bob Sturm and Rich Phillips on Sunday.

It was excellent, as one would expect. During the ads I listened to the pre-game on 103.3 and 105.3 – admittedly, not an impressive sample size – and they just sounded awful. In a great sports metro like DFW you’d think they could find some interesting talkers about the Cowboys. Bob and Rich are the only choice for Cowboys pre-game.

Didactic (see footnote) and Quacktic

It’s an inspired pairing. Confessors are aware that I like both these guys quite a lot, and that my esteem for Rich has grown in the 1.25 years I’ve been doing this site. I liked the Bob/Donovan pairing last year, too, but this combo gives us something extra: Bob and Rich are both, shall we say, a bit on the thin-skinned side, and that adds a frisson of electricity to the presentation. The opportunities for interesting radio are correspondingly increased, mainly because Rich doesn’t have any unusual respect for Bob’s expertise. (He doesn’t disrespect it – he just doesn’t let it back him off of his own views.) Don’t get me wrong, the guys don’t fight about stuff, but there were a couple of moments that tickled me:

-- They were talking about the uncertainties surrounding the Cowboys’ receiving corps and Rich said that a guy who doesn’t put up numbers isn’t going to have a big effect on the field. Bob disagreed, saying that a guy who attracts a double team (I think they were referring to Dez Bryant) can have a positive effect without putting up big numbers. Rich countered by noting that a guy without big numbers isn’t going to attract a double team. “Well, there you go,” Bob said.

-- They had just brought in Todd Archer from Washington and Bob said that Rich had handicapped the chances of rain in D.C. at 20 percent. A perfectly innocuous reference, not even a jab, but Rich reacted with extreme indignation, saying that he hadn’t handicapped it. Bob said mildly that he thought Rich was the weather handicapper. No, Rich said, it’s the National Weather Service, weather.com. “Don’t be so touchy,” Bob said.  Beautiful, had to laugh.

-- A lighter moment: Bob made reference to Sam Bradford’s “Tupperware collarbone.” Rich said that a collarbone of Tupperware would probably work pretty well.

Love it. Don’t want to suggest that the show was dominated by these moments, not at all. It was mostly all good beefy smart Cowboy talk. Thumb up.

FOOTNOTE:  didactic (die DAK tic):  tending to instruct or lecture in detail, sometimes at length


P1 Steven said...

I wouldnt be surprised if Rich has a general complex when working with the front line Ticket personalities. Im sure he thinks that his opinions are just as important. I think he goes into all on air interactions looking to protext himself.

P1 Doug said...

Hell, what I cuaght of the the pre-pre game with Seabass and MacLaren wasn't bad either. Give the station credit for having guys that know their shit.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Off topic, but wanted to make sure you got my email about possibly exchanging links. 8-)

ap said...

Did you get a chance to hear the postgame show pre-Donny? I thought that his addition to the show was fantastic - Norm is at his finest in post-game analysis, but Donny adds a hint of emotion and comedy that makes the post-game show a must-listen for me. Plus the potential for caller-blowup is incredible.

The Plainsman said...

AP, I agree completely. I think Donovan adds a lot to every show I've ever heard him on. I think Norm does work well with a partner who he can bounce his thoughts off of. You can see this in his show, where he interacts with his producer frequently and substantively. Also throws in the occasional lighter comment that helps pace the show.

I also thought Donovan was good with Bob on the pre-game last year.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Loved the post-game show last week between Donovan and Norm. Especially the first several callers that had Norm all fired up. :D