Wednesday, March 10, 2010

But Greggo . . . Why One Hundred FOUR Thousand?

Radio -- it's a tough business.  Really tough.  Lotta people want to get into show biz, and they'll do anything to get a foot in the door.  Once there, they find they have to continue to work for non-celebrity wages to keep the gig.

Danny Balis, in my judgment one of the most compelling broadcasters in Dallas (and one of the most misunderstood -- I'll hit this topic another time) -- let slip a few days ago that he makes $30,000.  I don't know if he was making a humorous point in the context of what they were discussing at the time, but it had the ring of truth.  (I think he says he makes more from his music than from his Ticket engagement.)  And I'm guessing, but I doubt Cumulus has included in his compensation package a piece of Hardline-generated profits.  (Sometimes I wonder if Grubes has him on retainer.)

Anyone following the Greggo-Hammer-HeeHoo saga has already read Richie Whitt's (rather balanced)  account of HeeHoo's phone call to him to report on the climactic meeting with John Clay Wolfe.  Wolfe was offering $24,000 plus a share of the profits -- in other words, a piece of the show, a nice incentive for good behavior -- and some pretty stiff disincentives for bad behavior.   Faithful Confessors are aware that I believe HeeHoo to be a genuine radio talent, but man -- nine days and he's out.  Show of hands please -- how many of you out there think he put gasoline in the diesel's tank?  Yeah, me too.  And he and his Significant Frail held firm at $104,000.

Couple of questions:

How many stations did HeeHoo think Wolfe was going to sign up in nine days?

How did HeeHoo and the Significant Frail settle on $104,000?

What is the approximate magnitude of advertising revenue HeeHoo and S.F. believe to be generated by a one -- one, that is -- kilowatt AM station in the Seymour/Wichita Falls metroplex?  Makes The Ticket's anemic collection of signals look like a freakin' blowtorch.  I don't know KSEY's target demo other than guys trying to sell 2004 Sentras (not  .  .  .  that there's anything wrong with that), but I suspect Arbitron has detected a significant bovine share. 

Sometime Confessor "insider" suggests in a comment that there's a Wolfe-to-HeeHoo email detailing additional Wolfe proposals to keep HeeHoo before the microphone. 

I certainly hope so.  Barb Smith seekers aren't going to drive traffic to this site forever.


insider said...

here is a great link-story from JCW

this pretty much sums it up

The Plainsman said...

Just answered my own question. HeeHoo must have wanted 2 large a week. $2,000 x 52 = $104,000.

P1 Steven said...

104K ! Wow guess he really isnt looking for a new chance. You would figure he would give it a shot, but If I remember correctly he was making 300K with the Hardline. Its not like he is coming off of the Hardline and ready to rebound. He was given chances by ESPN & Big Dick gave him a shot too, but he showed up to both those shows under the influence. Sad if Danny only makes 30K, or if he was kidding. (Im thinking he was kidding) No doubt that is what Grubes makes, BUT you cant tell me they cant throw him a bone? Danny has picked up the Greggo slack. Then again he gets free plugs for his band. The Orphanage is my favorite show mostly becacue of Danny. BTW... Anyone else HATE the Hooters spot "Get the Fever" I consider a bullet to my head when I hear that song.

The Plainsman said...

insider, sounds like they sanitized that clip with Tom Green -- now no mention of HeeHoo.

P1 Steven, you're psychic. I heard it a little earlier this morning and thought that that has to be the most annoying, pitchless vocal performance I have ever heard.