Saturday, March 6, 2010

Greggo Dances with Wolfe

Your faithful Plainsman gets up early on Saturday so you don't have to.  John Clay Wolfe reported on his website that he would comment on the end (for now) of his relationship with Greg "Greggo" "the Hammer" "HeeHoo" Williams.  He said he would address it in the 7-7:30 segment of his Real Deal show on 97.1 KEGL today.  He got to it at 7:38 and finished at 7:40.   As Neil Young and The Hardline would say, innarestin.

First, a tip of the hat to my commenter "insider," who offered some additional information on the HeeHoo-Wolfe relationship in his comment to this article which Wolfe confirmed this morning.  First, Wolfe said that had built out his FM studio, in part, in anticipation of HeeHoo doing a syndicated show from there.  He suggested he'd built it out for other reasons, but that it was "overbuilt" now because the HeeHoo gig had fallen through.  Second, one of Wolfe's sidekicks mentioned that HeeHoo had brought a "negotiator" with him, who "insider" identified as HeeHoo's girlfriend.  Insider, my thanks.

There were a couple of other tidbits in the segment: 

     (1)    Wolfe suggests that this was more than a handshake deal.  He was pretty emphatic that this was an honest-to-god agreement, not just a "let's see how it goes."  He didn't say anything about it being in writing, but it doesn't make sense that Wolfe would have made a big capital investment without an enforceable agreement.  A little later in the program, he said that "Greggo is on contract strike."   

[You know  .  .  .  if Wolfe and HeeHoo did have a contract that was more or less complete and definitive (i.e., with real dollar figures and and specific duties to be performed on both sides), and Greggo has walked out on the deal, Wolfe could sue him.  He might be able to sue for lost profits, but even if those were regarded as too speculative, he might be able to recover his out-of-pockets in building out that studio (especially if building out the studio was part of the deal, or if HeeHoo understood that Wolfe was going to build it out in reliance on HeeHoo performing the contract).  Although Wolfe is using it for his own show, so it's not like he didn't realize any value from the investment.  Still, to the extent it was "overbuilt" for HeeHoo  .  .  .  .]
     (2)   Wolfe has the same love-hate relationship with HeeHoo that much of the P1 Nation has.  He started out singing Greggo's praises, said how well the two-week trial run had gone, what a great talent the guy was, how much he likes him, how he wishes they could have done the deal, how he was welcome to join The Real Deal next Saturday.  In the next sentence, he says that HeeHoo "might be a little greedy," although he acknowledged -- insincerely -- that maybe he (Wolfe) is cheap.  And, of course, by his account HeeHoo walked out on a done deal. 

Show-biz people.  You never know where you stand with them.

Is this dance over?  Will it matter to HeeHoo that his former partner called him "greedy" and a welcher on the air?    Dunno.  

But here's the deal about Greggo:  Here we have this acknowledged broadcast talent, a lot of on-air fun when he's straight.  People are still fond of him (your Plainsman, too), and even those who purport not to like the guy are fascinated by him (all the Ticket-influenced sites are still crowded with Greggo posts and comments years after his departure).  Flawed guys with talent like his get multiple chances to succeed just because the gift is so rare.  Somewhere in North Texas there is a program director or station manager who is thinking -- I can make a deal with this guy.  Even on a non-sports station, a HeeHoo sports-and-general-interest show could easily find a home.  It could even be a music station.  And syndication was already in the air.   But whatever the format, I guarantee you someone out there is thinking about reaching out.  It might even be Wolfe.  We're going to hear Greggo again.  Maybe not for long, but again.

Even if that PD or SM has to deal with the girlfriend.


P1 said...

Did u hear when Tom green was on the show, and asked JCW the infamous "Hey John, one last question before I go....where's Greggo"

over the top

P1 Steven said...

I wonder if Greggo knows how well he will do in this market.... He needs a home. Sad though he has been given so many chances and drops the ball every time.

Anonymous said...

Hammer and John Clay were a much better pairing than RW. Wonder why JC isn't his lead on 105.3. RW is a spare's spare.