Friday, March 12, 2010

Nitpicking This Morning's Muser Errors

Unfair and and entirely unnecessary commentary on this morning's program:

(1)  Junior kept referring to the former heavyweight champ as "Jack Johnston."  His name was Jack Johnson.

(2) Junior mistold the priest/rabbi joke this morning, or read a lame version of it.  The Rabbi is supposed to deny that he's ever eaten pork.  Then the priest confesses to having sampled the pleasures of the flesh.  "I don't blame you," rabbi says, "It's better than pork." 

(3)  I didn't get to hear the end of the Bear-Trap of the Week contest, but I did not believe the story of the blind guy running into the other guy.  Nothing about it made sense.  (a) The guy didn't see some guys playing with hockey sticks a block or so back and think that one guy was following him tapping a hockey stick.  (b) Blind guys with sticks walk slowly.  They don't catch up with normal-gaited people.  (c) People who hear any kind of tapping coming up behind them turn around to look.  (d)  If there was a crowd around to disappear into, the guy would not have heard the tapping.  The story was fake.


waynedew said...

I stopped listening to Dunham & Miller two yaers ago. George Dunham is a sure bet to joing Rocco Pandola in The Ticket Idiot Hall of Fame. Dunham is racist, xenophobic, homophobic and just plain ignorant. In addition, have never heard the least sports insight from Dunham or Miller. Gordon Keith is not nearly as funny as he apparently thinks he is. Overall the level of humor on the morning show is approaching sixth grade level. Why anyone with an IQ above 50 would prefer to listen to these morons instead of Mike & Mike is utterly incomprehensible.

The Plainsman said...

waynedew, why so harsh? George is a social conservative and suspicious of the celebration of homosexuality and hip-hop culture and possibly even concerned about the tsunami of illegal immigration, but that doesn't make him any of those things you call him. I actually think Craig Miller is one of the more subtle and elegant sports analysts around -- his insights are unique and usually pretty well-supported. His blog is really well-done. I'll have to defer to you on the merits of Mike and Mike, but your comment has inspired me to check them out. Thanks for your comment, plenty of room here for disagreement about the merits of The Ticket. Your Plainsman pitches a big tent.