Monday, March 22, 2010

Gordon Wrecked Last Thusday's Show

Your Plainsman lays awake at night trying to think up catchy titles for articles.  Sometimes, sleep arrives too soon and you just have to go with what you got.

Have you ever known someone who was incredibly talented, both witty and funny, an astounding mimic, possessing a fabulously associative intellect, all of it wired to operate at maximum speed so that even if you thought of something clever, interesting, or cutting to say, he always managed to say it first and get the laugh or the gasp or the admiring female gaze?  And, despite the pleasure that you may have taken in being in the company of such a star, didn't there come a time, every once in awhile, where you wanted to say -- or perhaps you did say -- "Plainsman, give it a rest"?

Gordon is that guy.
Only, since Gordon is on the radio and you are in your car/workplace/Oval Office, you can turn the showgram off or change the channel.

Which I did last Thursday.

George was off doing the North Texas game and Mike Doocy sat in.   Doocy is a good guest host, kind of gets the gig and goes along with what the showgram is about.  He's smart, knows some sports, accepts the gags tossed his way.  The show started out great.

Gordon sabotaged it at every turn.  He would not leave Doocy alone.  The poor man couldn't utter a phrase without Gordon (1) making one or another gag out of it, and, worse, (2) making the same gag or another out of it, either an aberrant-sexual-practice or drug-use joke.  A couple of these would have been OK, but they didn't stop.   The stop-down to the showgram was bad enough, but the references were not redeemed by being amusing.  Was there something inside going on?  Some allusion to Doocy's past?   I came to think so, but that made it worse, because (1) Your Plainsman, at least, did not know the reference(s), and (2) it was rude.

I actually had the privilege of turning the showgram off twice, because the next day when they replayed the Fake Tiger call to Doocy at 6:40, it flamed out almost immediately for the same reason, so it was back to "Morning Edition" and a riveting report on the crisis facing anvil manufacturers in Burkina Faso.

Jeez, Gordon, we love ya, man (in fact, Your Plainsman is preparing a laudatory article that will appear after a decent interval), but sometimes even a real smart guy has gotta know, you know, when to put a cork in it.

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P1 Steven said...

Mike Doocy is a solid sub, but I agree. Gordon sees this oppurtunity to take the reigns & have his way. Bummer didnt get to here more from Doocy, in my opinion he is the best of the local TV sports reporters.