Thursday, March 4, 2010

Many Thanks to All New Confessors

Your Plainsman's little site here has had a real spike in traffic recently, owing largely to Ms. Barb Smith's appearance.  I suspect I'll get another when people realize there's been a disturbance in the Greggo universe and they see the interesting comments from "Insider" in the last post on his parting company -- for now -- with KSEY-AM.

I'll have further observations on the Greggo/Hammer/HeeHoo situation soon.

Many thanks to you all and to new followers.  And also to some faithful commenters, who, I'm pleased to see, are respecting the overall gestalt of this site, which is to try to observe our beloved Ticket objectively, and with respect and affection -- even when it drives us nuts, as old friends sometimes do.

New post tomorrow.

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