Monday, March 1, 2010

Danny the Producer Produced a Small Jewel Last Thursday . . .

. . . when The Hardline was discussing the Talker magazine “Heavy 100.” Mike had come to “The Monsters in the Morning” and was considering the listing of the collection of wacky characters who appeared on the show. [What follows is my recollection of what was said, may have word wrong here and there.]

Corby started to read the list of characters, laughing and commenting.

Danny interrupted and said “You read it.” There was an interesting lilt to his voice when he said it, like he had some broadcast strategy in mind.   (Kind of like Jason Walker saying "crane.")

Mike says “you want me to read it?”

Danny says yes.

Mike finishes the list, reading straight through it.

The reading was instantly funny because Mike is a great broadcaster and a naturally amusing speaker.

It was a brilliant little touch by Danny and a telling moment.

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insider said...

read richie's 'sad greggo' blog from today. He has all the facts accurate. The unspoken is that hammer gets all riled up over the web talk, and calls RW in a frienzy. Calls JCW a liar, and to prove his point, forwards RW an email to Greg from JCW.

The actual email is sure to leak out on the web, its too good not to. Some 'tough love'points of interest in the actual email are JCW's proposal to hire Hammer a 'Handler'if he starts slipping, at greggos payroll deducted expense. Also, the notes about repairing Gregg's reputation in the industry from 'junkie' to rehabiliated. Rush Limbaugh did it, why coulnt greggo?