Monday, February 15, 2010

Anonymous Barb! Come Back, A-Barb! You’re Good for, uh, Traffic!

Anonymous Barb Smith, if you’re out there, I must tell you that you must have either lots of fans or lots of people who are concerned about you. When your anonymous visit to Your Plainsman’s site became known to bloggers and their visitors, the traffic here shot way up.

(For those visitors who don’t know what I’m talking about, see here or here.)

So, A-Barb, I invite you to return to My Ticket Confession. Of course, I would prefer that you made yourself known in some way other than as “Anonymous,” but I guess anyone could pretend to be you even if posting under the name “Barb Smith.” So if you (or someone claiming to be you) does reappear, we will just have to go by “look and feel” like we did the first time to figure out if it is really you or some imposter.

I don’t much care what you write – your public seems anxious to read anything you might have to say. If you do show up, perhaps I’ll toss a question or two your way, and you can respond if you feel like it. Within reason, I will moderate the comments from visitors to ensure you are treated with the proper respect.

Whether or not you favor us with some new dispatches, I’m sure I join my fellow Confessors in wishing you the best.

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