Friday, February 12, 2010

Do the Musers Really Not Know . . .

. . . how to pronounce “Rielle”? As in Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’s twist?   They (mainly Gordon, but Craig too) always pronounce it “RYE lee" (i.e., "Riley").  Nope, it’s “ree ELL.” 

I think they do not know, because there is no humor value in pronouncing it “RYE lee.” Which means, as Your Plainsman has long suspected, these guys get most of their non-sports information from the written word and video pop-culture snippets. (Although one would think that the spelling “Rielle” would suggest the “ree ELL” pronunciation.)  

Nothing wrong with that. But it does contribute to the occasional cringe-value of The Ticket’s forays into non-sports topics. 

ADDENDUM: On Thursday, the Hardline, featuring special guest George the Commander, said that they’d never heard the term “truther” applied to people who believe the government was behind 9/11.  Hey, it’s a sports-talk station.

PS:  Wait a minute.  Gordon has GOT to know how to pronounce "Rielle."   He's GOT to have followed this Edwards thing from the beginning of time.  He's GOT to have watched video on this where "Rielle" was pronounced repeatedly.  So why pronounce it "Riley"?   Must be an inside Muser gag that I've just missed.

I know this is of zero importance to Ticket listeners or hosts. But it’s my damned blog and I want to know.

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