Friday, February 19, 2010

Michael Comes Alive

We all love the Hardline just the way it is. But did you hear the program on Wednesday? Corby had a family matter to attend to and John Rhadigan filled in. 

The ear will usually welcome change. Some of what made one sit up and take notice on Wednesday was that the show just sounded different. So none of what follows is a knock on Corby, who, as you know, I think is a very talented broadcaster.

But . . . did you hear the difference in Mike’s performance? The man was engaged, in charge. And the show was a pleasure to listen to. Rhads had his say, and some of it was very astute. Danny’s contributions were trenchant and well-timed. The segments sounded like they were . . . egads! . . . prepared. The show crackled; the energy coming through the speakers was palpable.

It was substantial, impactful radio. Shows like today’s remind you of why they call it The Hardline.

[SEE next post re next week's special Hardline series.]


P1 Steven said...

Its a hard thing, but Gregg-O's departure is a wound that has taken time to heal, and is steal healing. I think the plus 1 format is a great way to mix things up. I also think that more Danny is the way to go. We as listeners had no idea what was going on behind the scenes w/ The Hammer. Im sure the tension, and stressed helped the Hard Line be on their A-game. I think they felt the importance of picking up the slack as Greggo slowly faltered. Now the Greggo issue is pass, they can relax and not worry as much about the product. When Danny wants to he can really bring a good point of view. I miss Greggo, but he had to go. I hope Greggo can overcome his demons and rebound. I think the Hardline is slowly rebounding.... very slowly.

The Plainsman said...

Steven, I agree completely. Hammer had to go; Danny is excellent. I happen to be a Corby fan, but I know not everyone agrees.

Check out this site starting next Monday for a long four-part analysis of the Hardline, and a suggestion of how we might get some of that old-time good feeling back. Thanks for checking in.