Monday, February 1, 2010

Corby, Don't Do It

I am a Corby Davidson fan and defender. When the blogosphere and commenters to the blogosphere say "Corby sux," I respond: "Corby does not suck."

But I hope he will reconsider his announced intention to recite to the world the contents of Norm's suitcase on Tuesday's show.

First, it is untrue that anyone gives up some certain fundamental privacy rights when they agree to become employed by The Ticket, as the Hardline seemed to be trying to convince themselves Monday.

Second, gentlemen of a certain age tend to have more health and self-maintenance issues than do, for example, men in their early forties who run the occasional marathon. Those issues are not the Hardline's business, and they are most assuredly not the business of the P1. Nor, for that matter, is Norm's hygiene or apparel. This is radio. Its practitioners have a reasonable expectation that they will not be visualized without their knowledge or consent.

Third, The Ticket guys need to consider the issue of line-crossing, retaliation, and the kind of things that tend to show up in employee lawsuits when employment has come to an unhappy end. I'm not saying that Norm would sue because his privacy was invaded – I'm saying that if Norm ever left the station under circumstances not to his liking, stunts like this will tend to show up alleged to be a "pattern of harassment" or the like, evidence of a discriminatorily hostile workplace.

Now, if Norm is playing along, or has given some fairly explicit consent, that's another story. But just showing up in Fort Lauderdale and rooming with Corby does not amount to consent to Corbillian monkeyshines.

So, Ticket, I would urgently request that in this particular instance, you carefully put the wheels back on, tighten up the nuts, and keep the show on the road.

Notwithstanding the foregoing: Corby does not suck.


Steven- The Mesquite P1 said...

Norm is actually pretty open about what he packs, and had discussed it on his show several times w/ Bascik. In the end The Hardline talked about how they admire Norm for his luggage bravery. As do I.

The Plainsman said...

Steven, thanks for checking in. That's one of the problems I sometimes have -- I don't get to hear all the shows so I appreciate this kind of information. So it sounds like Norm did in fact consent, if perhaps only by implication. Still . . . I heard it when Corby finally did it several days later and it was pretty grim.