Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cumulus -- The Power of Two Tin Cans and a Waxed String

Jesus Christ, Cumulus has four radio stations in this market. Get Sweet Sweet Michael Gruber a goddam microphone.**

You telling me that there aren’t some spare mics laying around one of those studios? What about your fine advertiser, Altex, who brags about supplying Ticket engineers with their gear?

Mike is right. Someone needs to come in and buy this thing. How much is The Ticket worth? Your Plainsman may look into that. If you’re an industry guy or media property broker, let me hear from you at Maybe I’ll round up a herd of wealthy P1s and we’ll buy the thing.


** Pardon the vulgarity – temporarily suspending my own rules for this site.


Popsicle Stick Chick said...

Can you add to your Ticket friendly links, please?

The Plainsman said...

Done. Should have done it already. Thanks for the suggestion, PopChick.

Steven- Mesquite P1 said...

Grubes on the phone is a riot! Adds another level to the ticket. Just makes me chuckle. Like a Line 4 Guy. Dont worry, one day I will win the lotto & buy the ticket! I might even try to purchase the entire Dallas Cumulus market. Get some good local radio going here.