Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Listening Too Hard -- That Craig Ferguson Ad

A little help for Your Plainsman, O fellow Confessors?

That ad for Craig Fergson’s live stand-up show is driving me nuts because I can’t understand the punch line. The ad features a joke where Ferbuson constrasts alcoholics and junkies. The alcoholic, he says, will steal your wallet and feel great remorse.

The junkie, he says, will steal your wallet “and then _____________.”

It sounds like he says “kill Earl” or something like that. That’s funny in kind of a surreal way, but just doesn’t sound like the right punchline to me. Can any of you make that out?

Driving me freakin’ nuts.


Steven- The Mesquite P1 said...

I believe it is something like... An Alchy will feel great remoarse. A Junkie will help you look for it. ... It is a funny line if you ever knew a Junkie. So true, Junkies will steal from ya and lie till they know they got away with it.

The Plainsman said...

That makes a lot of sense, Mesquite Steven, and it's also funny. I hope you don't know too many junkies. I know one -- a relative -- and you are absolutely correct. Only thing that matters is the next fix and lying is nothing to them.