Friday, February 19, 2010

Coming . . . Attraction?

(See my post just above about Wednesday’s Hardline.)

I’ve been worried about The Hardline for awhile. I love it. I listen to it for at least a couple of hours every day. But I just . . . worry about it.

Over the first few months of this blog, I wrote a few articles on what concerned me about this great show.  A couple of months ago, I expanded on those articles in what I intended to be a four-part article, explaining why I worry about it and even advancing – respectfully, as always -- a suggestion for a new direction for the program.

Then I thought really, how dumb and presumptuous is it to noodge one of the greatest programs in any medium? Also, it seemed to me that some of the things about the program that had started to nag at me might have gotten a little better. So I put it aside.

Then I heard Wednesday’s show with Mike and John Rhadigan, and I decided to go ahead and publish. (Also, I figure we can have some confidence that nothing written here has the slightest influence on anything that happens anywhere in the world, so what’s the harm?) Warning: It’s long (surprise!).

The first two installments will appear Monday.

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