Saturday, February 6, 2010

Does Coach Denny Green's Voice . . .

.  .  .  make YOU want to reach for a Coors Light?  Me neither. 

I am trying to picture the brainstorming session at the ad agency: 

"We want to appeal to the kind of guy who likes to hang out with guys who sound like they gargle with coal dust and speak in a loud, falsely-enthusiastic and borderline accusatory tone of voice."  

"Only one way to go -- we gotta reach out to Coach Green." 

"That's genius.  And isn't he completely out of NFL and NCAA coaching?"

"Who knows?  I envision the Coors Light drinker as a guy who identifies strongly with terminated pro coaches who, unlike other terminated pro coaches, can't even manage to hang around the league as an assistant or front-office guy or find a college gig."

"I hear ya, bro.  Hey, his Facebook fan club has 17 members!   Before we run Coach up the flagpole any further, anyone know if he's already fronting a competing insipid brew?"

*   *   *

Unfair, I know.  Coach Green may be a great guy.  Probably is.  And you know  .  .  .  maybe hearing that desert-floor voice demanding that you drink Coors would make you thirsty.

And come to think of it -- the ad did make me remember the product.  So maybe those ad guys knew what they were doing after all.

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