Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Modest Proposal for the Hardline – PART 5: Postscript

If you’ve stuck with me through the endless blather of the first four parts, many thanks and accept my apologies for trying your patience.

I know I said this was going to be a four-parter. But in preparing that last installment I thought of something.

Mike is not an old man. Got a lot of broadcasting left in him. But he’s not going to be on the show forever. There will come a day when The Hardline will have to, shall we say, evolve. It is not too early for Ticket management to consider how that transition will take place.

Maybe my suggestion is unworkable. In fact, it probably is. But the distinctive voice of The Hardline will inevitably change. Cumulus and Ticket management would do well to begin considering how to keep the drivetime goose laying those golden eggs, instead of regular ones.

And to pay Grubes and Danny whatever they ask.

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P1 Steven- Mesquite said...

The Greater question although not Hardline related is Norm. How old is that guy? How many years does he have left. He is the OG of sports talk radio in Dallas. He brought alot of new listeners to 1310 who had been listening to him since the 70's. Although aided by a large support staff, he brings alot to the table. The only way he will leave is if he is fired, (which will cause a huge back lash)or he kicks the bucket mid show and the mic is pulled from his corpse. I can see Mike more likely to step down & retire then to be pushed out. He is smart enough to know when his time is done.