Friday, February 19, 2010

How Do the Programs . . .

. . . get show-biz interviews? Take Pauly Shore, for example, who had a chinwag with the Musers this morning. I believe he is “appearing” somewhere in the DFW area as a stand-up act this weekend. And Gordon mentioned that he’d interviewed Shore once on his show. Yeah, here it is, labeled as an “awkward minute" on

So the Musers undoubtedly knew from Gordon that the guy has the ad-libbing skills of a diseased macaque. Of course, the Musers themselves aren’t working the phones lining up interviews. Nor, I suspect, would a producer think he was a natural for the morning show. No, this was probably some PR guy or agent cajoling local stations to put this last-century jamoke on the air, trotting him around to local stations, maybe spread around some tickets to his shows. Maybe there was a tie-in with Cumulus somehow – did he appear on any of the other local Cumulus properties?

Doesn’t matter. I felt considerable sympathy for the Musers trying to spin some radio brass – gold would have been far too ambitious – out of this slug who wanted to be someplace else. I forget which Hardliner it was, either Corby or Danny, who observed that the most interesting thing about the interview was listening to the Musers + Gordon trying to set him up to be funny. A futile venture. I dreaded the possibility that one of them would just light into him, but they are, after all, the Gentlemen Musers.

Monday -- Beginning of four-part series on The Hardline.

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